Artist Bio

Emy Rose Oz is an internationally collected, french abstract artist. She is born in november 1988. She lives and works in the city of Lyon.

Interested in human beings both in its generality and its complexity, she is graduate of the University of London and the University Lumière of Lyon, where she double-majored in social sciences with concentrations in sociology and psychology. 

Painting is a fundamental part of her life which began since childhood, at the tender age of 9 years when her parents got her a painting set for Christmas. She often would practice classic styles such as paintings with oils, acrylics, watercolors and charcoals. After long years of experimentations, she found her way into abstract art.

Artist Statement

I have always been very intrigued by beings in their natural state, their complexity, priorities, and limitations.  My creation process is orientated between these two major factors; nature and the human being.

I can be inspired by so many things, sometimes it's a song, a place, a philosophy, sometimes even my own childhood… Like the Madeleine of Proust, the power of a simple smell can make me travel through time.

My gift is being able to turn my imagination into my reality; I can paint a smell, a sound, an emotion. I paint with all my senses by nourishing myself spiritually with all that surrounds me. 

My paintings are mainly abstract representations of nature and the way in which our feelings are brought into contact during this union. They are also the result of work on colors and contemporary materials.

What I like most about creating abstract artworks are the endless ways of sharing and interpreting the experience that my work invokes between the artist and the public. This is real wealth for me because we can only create art together.

My main objective during working is to allow a different state of mind to occur through my works. If I can bring some feelings, if I can move from my cognition to my soul by these stages of questionning, then I will feel my goals has been accomplished in the process of creation, and the canvas will be finished. The feeling is necesseray to give birth to art.

The creative process makes me alive and keeps me living, as I do not know how to live any other way.

As a great master that I love, once said…

Van Gogh- "There is nothing more artistic than loving people.” To me, that’s the whole point of my work.

 I hope you enjoy being part of this experience with me. 

With Love and Art